Holisouse Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum Suction Comedone Acne Extractor Tool Microdermabrasion Electric USB Rechargeable Whitehead Remover Machine with 2 in 1 Eyebrow and Acne Tweezers Drawstring Bag

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About the product

1 DEVICE WITH 4 REPLACEABLE SUCTION HEADS - Multifunctional blackhead extractor device accompany with 4 functional suckers for different skin types. Microcrystal sucker can exfoliate dead skin and desalt scar while elliptical sucker makes the skin more elastic. Small circular sucker cleans more careful while large circular sucker eliminates blackhead and acne efficiently.

4 ADJUSTABLE SUCTION FORCE WITH ONE-CLICK DESIGN - This blackhead suction remover boasts 4 levels suction force you need to cure your pore. One-click design provides more convenient user experience. This blackhead and comedone acne extractor has non irritant to your skin. Perfect for sensitive skin.

CLEAN YOUR FACE WITHOUT ANY CHEMICALS - Suction treatment is this vacuum blackhead remover’s shining point. Unlike peeling off black mask, this blackhead remover machine provides a safe and effective approach to solve your skin problems without any chemicals even painful skin irritation.

USB CHARGING SUPPORTS LONG STANDBY TIME - This electric skin cleaner blackhead extraction tool owns wireless design. With USB charge cable, one time charge can supports superior standby time. Don’t worry about standby time any more. Recharge conveniently at anytime and anywhere with various charging methods.

GIVEAWAY YOU WILL LIKE - The blackhead remover will come with a 2 in 1 eyebrow and acne tweezers. You can use this tweezers to pluck your eyebrow or remove your acne. Also, this package comes with drawstring bag, perfect for household or traveling skin care. It’s a wonderful festival gift for your wife, husband or friends.
Product Description Attention 1. Please keep the product dry and do not place it in dank environment (for example, adjacent to the bathtub, shower nozzle or bathing pool).
2. Please not use it in other occasions except from massage, dead skin exfoliating and speeding up metabolism of skin.
3. Use it for twice a week, or overusing may cause allergy. If there exists any side effect, please stop using it immediately.
4. Do not use chemical agents to clean this product, or it may destroy it or lead bad effect to your skin.
5. Do not press the probe too hard into your face, for the product itself has a strong power to lifting your face.
6. After finishing using it, please apply some moisturized essence or masks to ease the tense of your skin. And please apply sun cream before you go outside.
7. NOTE: When the silica gel ring damages or filter sponge gets dirty, they needs to be replaced. Please follow the following operation for replacement. Read more We are in charge of your beauty. Holisouse Pore Vacuum Blackhead Remover Suction is designed for your skin treatment. Suitable for exfoliating dead skin, removing blackheads, cleaning pores, smoothing wrinkles and tightening your skin. In traditional way, it can only remove the blackhead on the surface. And there are still some residues. However, this physical pore vacuum blackhead remover can suck all blackheads out and deeply clean the pores. Help your skin whiter, cleaner and smoother. This pore vacuum blackhead remover won’t let you down. Read more Holisouse Comedo Suction - One Click Design With one click design, level 1 of this blackhead removal tool is about 30Kpa, level 2 is about 40Kpa, level 3 to level 4 is about 60-65Kpa. You can adjust the suction forece you like. Moreover, Holisouse blackheads remover suction can be rechargeable with USB charging. Only one hour charge can support 120 minutes. And it can be charged by computer, laptop, USB charger and power bank. Read more Read more

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