VOYOR 5-IN-1 Face Brush Exfoliation Facial Brush Microdermabrasion Pore Minimizer, Pedicure Dead Skin Remover, Makeup Remover Brush, Body Cleansing Brush for Acne Blackhead Treatment Skin Care FB100 Health & Personal Care

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About the product

✔ 0.08MM NORMAL FACE BRUSH HEAD - For effective facial skin cleansing. This face scrubber brush can also improve your facial blood circulation, clean and minimize your clogged pores as a microdermabrasion pore minimizer or facial exfoliator brush, offer you acne spots and acne scar Treatment to improve & remove your acne spots and scar as a facial acne remover and make your skin look clean, tighten, fresh and more vibrant.

✔ 0.06MM SENSITIVE FACIAL BRUSH HEAD – For sensitive facial skin cleaning. This facial cleansing brush is made with very soft and slim bristles, which can clean deep inside the pores without irritating your skin; it can offer you a soft, effective and smooth skin cleansing experience, which can help removal of acne, scar, blackheads & miliaria to make you skin clean & more radiant.

✔ BODY CLEANSING BRUSH HEAD – For body skin cleansing. The skin exfoliating body brushing system can cleans away the dirt, oil, acne causing germs and dead skin cells on your body skin and help reduce & prevent the body acne on your back, chest, and arms. This skin exfoliator brush is also waterproof, cordless, safe & convenient for use. You will not need to worry about the twining cord or electricity leakage when using it in your bathroom or in a shower.

✔ MAKEUP REMOVER BRUSH HEAD – This brush head is made by soft sponge which can be used to remove your makeup. It can gently massage your skin to activate your skin and make it elastic; and it can also help to improve the absorption of your beauty creams to prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark brown spot and age spots on your face, chest, back and hands to keep your skin look young from head to toe.

✔ PEDICURE DEAD SKIN REMOVER HEAD – The dead skin remover will be more effective to remove the head cells and dead skins at your elbow or under your foot than normal pumice stone. This exfoliation of dead skin cells helps keep your skin looking young, healthy and refreshed. The light weight and compact design makes it portable and convenient to use in your travel or business trip.

Want a smooth, soft, tighten and more radiant skin? It is easy with this VOYOR 5-IN-1 FB100 Face Brush Exfoliation Set.

Main functions:
1. Cleans away dirt, oil, acne causing germs and dead skin cells as a face scrubber brush.
2. Scrubs out stubborn clogged pores.
3. Clarifies skin to reduce acne breakouts.
4. Helps reduce acne, scars, fine lines and blackhead.
5. Minimizes pores and tighten up your skin.
6. Exfoliates dead skin to promote cellular turnover and collagen production.
7. Exfoliates dried skin from lips to remove chapped flaky skin.
8. Helps skin for more effective absorption of toners, cream and moisturizers.

Additional features:
1. 5 multi-functional replacement heads which can satisfy your different needs.
2. Soft sensitive facial brush can be used daily for enjoying a fresh new looking skin every day.
3. Body cleansing brush gives you clean smooth and radiant skin from head to toe as a skin exfoliator brush
4. Exfoliating dead skin remover head can scrubs rough skin from heels and feet, more effective than pumice stone.
5. Face sponge brush head helps to remove make up and massage your skin to make it elastic
6. Waterproof design, worry-free to use in shower for complete rotating skin exfoliation.
7. Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), not need to recharge it but just simply replace the batteries.
8. Cleansing brushes are recommended by leading dermatologists, aestheticians and spa professionals.

Box content:
1) 1 x VOYOR FB100 facial exfoliator brush
2) 1 x 0.08mm Normal face cleansing brush head
3) 1 x 0.06mm Sensitive facial cleansing brush head
4) 1 x Body cleansing brush head
5) 1 x Exfoliating microdermabrasion pedicure dead skin remover head
6) 1 x Makeup remover brush head
7) 1 x User manual

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